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We strive to provide children and community members with access to clean and sustainable sources of water, which is a basic human right and a necessity for survival. It is our goal to educate and equip the communities so that they are able to find sustainable sources of clean water for generations to come.

- WASH Facility Support
- Raising Awareness in WASH
- Capacity Building in WASH

WASH Facility Support

- WASH facility construction

- WASH kit distribution

Raising Awareness in WASH

- WASH education and campaign

Capacity Building in WASH

- Organizing and educating community
water committees

- Facility management education

Our story of Malaria in Niger

Few years ago, an NGO came to a village in Niger and built a well. However, it was no longer working and currently has no water. The villagers could not fix the well because they did not know why it was broken in the first place. The villagers were forced to go back to their old lifestyles and started to search for alternative water sources. The closest source they found was a pond with muddy water, but they spent hours going back and forth each day. Approximately 750 million people in the world or one out of every ten people do not have access to clean water and live in difficult circumstances. Good Neighbors is currently helping regions where they have problems with access to water. We do this by building water purifying facilities such as wells and water tanks. Also, we are educating people within the village by teaching them how to take care of these facilities. This will of allow them to continuously use and take care of these facilities independently.