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My Dear Child

A child doesn’t have a choice of where they are born. By sharing a portion of what I have, I can help transform a child’s life to allow them to achieve their dream.

Sponsor a Child Today!

Sponsoring a child doesn’t require a big effort or any particular reason. A small sacrifice and a desire to make a difference are all that is needed to create change in children’s lives and communities. Here’s why some of our donors began their child sponsorship journey.

I gave up drinking a coffee a day

I decided to give up a coffee that I am drinking everyday and sponsor a child with my partner! As long as the sponsored child can eat a nourishing meal, Ill try to not drink a coffee!

I got promoted

My salary has raised as I got promoted. I wanted to do something good to celebrate. So I decided to start sponsoring a child with Good Neighbors.

Otegung’s sponsorship story

From an orphan to a medical student

“Thanks to my donor’s continuous support, I was able to achieve my dreams!”

The girl who liked mathematics wanted to become a doctor

“I dreamed of being a doctor when I was in Year 9. Both my parents passed away when I was young and I recall staying up all night at the hospital due to my dad’s illness. Because of this memory, it hurts me to see the people I care about in pain.”

At 14 years old, She had a gift-like encounter

“Thanks to Good Neighbors, I am always reminded that someone is there for me.”

6 years ago,

Otegung became our sponsored child.

At the age of 17, she became the breadwinner

of her household,

all the while progressively preparing for her future.

The medical student who wants to help children facing difficulties

Otegung was accepted into the National University of Mongolia to study medicine. Her focus now is to help children born with deformities.

Child sponsorship allowed Otegung the amazing opportunity to reach her dreams and positively impact the community.

How your donation is used

How child sponsorship impacts the child’s life and environment

Safe and clean environment

A safe and accessible water source not only decreases child mortality but allows them to spend time learning and doing the things they want. A child’s safety is our number one priority and we partner with communities to protect
children from natural and environmental harm caused by poverty.


Education is the key to helping a child pave a better future for themselves. Providing children with access to education, school supplies, early-child care services and training for teachers and parents are ways that we transform education in communities.


Good health is priceless. A community equipped with medical services, check-ups, vaccinations and trained staff provides stronger health and the best foundation for a child as they grow up.


Income Generation

To create self-reliant communities, which can support current and future children, we develop communities by running livestock and agriculture programs, providing essential farming equipment and vocational training to workers.

How our sponsorship works:

Experience the joy of giving by creating a connection with a child.

Introduction to your sponsored child

Within 3-4 weeks after registering you’ll receive a card with a picture and an introduction of the child

Your child grew this much in a year

An Annual Child Report will be sent to you showing your child’s progress. (First reports will be sent after your first year as a member)

Preparing a surprise gift money (Optional)

Once a year, you can give your child precious memories with surprise gift. Donate extra amount from $50 to $100 for the gift. (within AUD$50 to AUD100 )

Receiving an Annual letter from your sponsored child

Keep in touch with your sponsored child through written letters!