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Many diseases and health problems are totally preventable through a robust health program, nutrition support, community health worker training and education, and last but not the least, by raising awareness about the importance of good health.


Good Neighbors Australia is dedicated to eliminating illness and deaths from preventable disease.

How Your Donation Helps

According to the World Health Statistics 2019, an estimated 5.4 million children died before turning 5 years old. A recent UN report says that deaths from preventable disease could rise rapidly as the COVID-19 pandemic diverts scarce health resources in developing countries. 

In the absence of quality and affordable care, families in poorer nations are often forced to choose between food and medicine.

Poor health and poverty are closely linked. Poverty increases the chances of poor health. Poor health, in turn, traps families in poverty.  

But it doesn't need to be this way as a lot of the deaths can be prevented. With your support, we provide families and communities with affordable health care, proper nutrition, hygiene training, and maternal and child health services without threatening or sacrificing their food security. 

Help Protect Children and Families from Preventable Diseases


Access to Basic Health Services

Everyone should enjoy the right to health. However, millions of families have no access to the basic healthcare they need. With policy advocacy, and capacity development of health service providers, we work to provide quality health services for everyone. 

We do this by establishing health care centres, as well as by providing community and home based services. 

Ensuring universal access to affordable healthcare is vital for everyone. 


Maternal and Child Health

It is estimated that everyday more than 800 women die from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. Most maternal deaths are preventable with access to a proper healthcare system. 

Maternal health and newborn health are closely linked. A child's chance of survival is vastly different based on where he or she is born. 

We help save the lives of new mothers and infants by providing health care and nutrition support before, during and after birth.


Strengthening Maternal and Child Health Systems in Tanzania  

High child mortality in Tanzania 

Tanzania's maternal mortality rate was one of the highest in the world in 2014. This was due to two reasons - insufficient medical resources, as well as a lack of proper training for the Community Health Workers (CHW). 

Good Neighbors' health Project 

To handle this problem, Good Neighbors Tanzania implemented a comprehensive project to improve the antenatal care in 44 health facilities in the Kishapu district. This included medical supply and equipment support, medical staff training, and facility construction and renovation.  Good Neighbors also ran campaigns to help women understand the importance of good nutrition, hygiene, as well as accessing health services throughout their pregnancy. 

Project impact

The success of the program lies in the fact that in 2014 only 1273 pregnant women received antenatal care at, or before 12 weeks. This number went up to 4218 women in 2017.  

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