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Good Neighbors established the Global Impact Foundation to build a social economy ecosystem in order to improve the quality of lives and economic status of the marginalized population around the world. 

The Global Impact Foundation sources finance for development through cooperation with international organisations, corporations and private institutions. The funds are used to design and implement social economy projects wherever there is a need, regardless of race, religion, ideology, or geographical constraints. 

Economic Empowerment

Livelihoods and Economic Recovery

How Your Donation Helps

As mentioned earlier, we have established the Global Impact Foundation to develop a social economy ecosystem in poor communities.

The funds we receive are used to initiate various income generation projects through three key components - cooperatives, social enterprises, and micro financing institutions. 

Cooperatives are a registered social group which encourage individuals to participate and compete in the free market. 

Social enterprises provide much needed jobs and economic stability, by capitalizing on the unique characteristics and technologies of the community. 

As the name suggests, micro financing institutions are used to financially support social groups and businesses. 


Social Enterprises

Good Neighbors establishes and operates social enterprises  in order to build a sustainable social economy ecosystem. 

A social enterprise is like any other business, but their main priority is to serve the community, and achieve a social outcome. Social enterprises aim to provide much needed jobs, economic security, sustainability, and training opportunities to the vulnerable communities. 

An example of this is wholesaling and retailing coffee, which is grown and processed by Good Neighbors supported cooperatives, and sold via
social enterprises.


Capacity Building and Income Generation

Our initiatives focus on breaking the vicious cycle of poverty by promoting self-reliance, instead of just providing unidirectional aid. We proudly support various income generation activities like cooperatives, social enterprises and micro financing institutions. 

We also assist poor communities in accessing improved materials, production skills and financial assistance.

Good Neighbors Mongolia: G-Saver Project

Mongolia is known for its harsh winters, with temperatures plummeting to -30°C. To combat the cold, poor families tend to burn tires or soft coal, which unfortunately causes air pollution and respiratory issues.

In order to help these families, Good Neighbors developed a solution via a social enterprise called Good Sharing. The solution known as G-saver, is a heater, humidifier and air circulator. It is installed on top of stoves and stores the heat produced to warm up homes. 

G-saver has helped reduce the household cost of fuel by 34.6% and has also reduced heating related air pollution by upto 40%. 

Good Neighbors will continue to provide pragmatic solutions and assistance to local communities through research, evaluation and technology. 


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