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What we have achieved

What we have done in FY17-18 This is a comprehensive summary of Good Neighbors works and progress in 35 countries during FY 17-18.

Indonesia Earthquake Emergency Response Report

Indonesia Earthquake Emergency Relief Response Good Neighbors Australia has been raising fund to provide an emergency relief response for the residents in Sulawesi region, Indonesia. In partnership with Good Neighbors Indonesia and other supporting offices, Good Neighbors has provided medical care, shelter and urgently needed water&foods. Please find out more about our efforts and contributions supported […]

Indonesia Earthquake Emergency Relief Response

Indonesia Earthquake Emergency Relief ResponseOn 28th of September 2018, strong earthquake struck Sulawesi island, Indonesia. This time, it was a 7.5 magnitude earthquake which is worse than the previous earthquake in August, 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Tsunami also hit Indonesia after the earthquake which increased the damage.As aftermaths of the earthquake and ensuing tsunami, most of […]