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Good Neighbors Australia is an international humanitarian and development organisation.  We are a part of Good Neighbors International Partnership which has been known for 30 years of commitment to children and the most vulnerable across the globe.

In 2018, Good Neighbors Australia started its first step in Sydney toward a world in which every child grows in a safe and healthy environment. 

We are All Here to Help

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, many of our neighbours next door having empty shelves at home. Good Neighbors Australia is helping our neighbours in urgent need, especially for those who do not have any safety net to fall back on. 


we support children 

When you sponsor a child, you can change a child's entire life. Check out a story shows what happens when you help a child in need.

we support communities

We believe the power of communities.  As a community supporter, you will make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable families. 


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International Day of Peace 2020

International Day of PeaceIn the humanitarian sector, few days are more momentous than the International Day of Peace. Originally established in 1981 by the United Nations, it occurs annually on the 21st of September. This year marks the 39th time the International Day of Peace has been observed across the globe. The International Day of

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World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian DayWednesday, 19 August marks World Humanitarian Day. For the international development community, this is an especially significant day. It was first established in 2009 by the United Nations, to commemorate the 22 people killed in the 2003 bomb attack on the Canal Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq. In essence, World Humanitarian Day recognises the

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[GN World Stories #1] Facing the battle together

[GN World Stories #1] Facing the battle together The current coronavirus pandemic has seen devastating effects across the globe. In many ways, this crisis has shone a light on deep-rooted systemic inequities and the far-reaching effects of economic disparities. The pandemic has highlighted the link between national wealth and the potential for health and economic resilience,









Good Neighbors Australia is a member of this Good Neighbors Partnership, assisting over 8 million children & families in 44 countries.

We support children and communities as the Australian entity of the international humanitarian non-government organisation, Good Neighbors.

Good Neighbors has been granted general consultative status by United Nations since 1996 - the highest status granted by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC) to only 138 non-government organisations (as of 2018).




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