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Improving Health Through Our Work 

In developing nations, many diseases and health problems are totally preventable through a robust health program, nutrition support, community health worker training and education, and last but not the least, by raising awareness about the importance of good health. n

A Healthy Community is a Thriving Community

How Your Donation Helps

Poor health and poverty are closely linked, and in the absence of quality and affordable care, families are forced to choose between food and medicine.

According to the World Health Statistics 2019, an estimated 5.4 million children died before turning 5 years old. 

But it doesn't need to be this way - a lot of the deaths can be prevented. 

With your support, we provide families and communities with affordable health care, proper nutrition, hygiene training, and maternal and child health services. 


Access to Basic Health Services

Everyone should enjoy the right to health. With policy advocacy, and capacity development of health service providers, we work to provide quality health services for everyone. 

We do this by establishing health care buildings, as well as by providing community and home based services. 


Maternal and Child Health

It is estimated that everyday more than 800 women die from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth.

We help save the lives of new mothers and infants by providing health care and nutrition support before, during and after birth.

We also provide support for reproductive and sexual health, which includes aspects like menstrual hygiene, delaying early marriage, and family planning. 


Dignity for Her: Barbara's Story 

 Barbara is a 14 year old girl born in Uganda, East Africa. This is her story, but the same situation is faced by many girls across Africa. 

Barbara got her first menstrual period whilst she was in school. In order to conceal the blood stains on her skirt, Barbara had to tie a friend's sweater around her waist, and leave school early that day. As proper sanitary pads are too expensive, Barbara's first sanitary pad was a piece of old cloth that her grandmother gave her. It was the only option, and the only way her grandmother had also done things in this situation. 

In the absence of safe and affordable sanitary products, many young girls like Barbara are forced to miss school during their period, and more importantly face the prospect of infectious diseases due to unhygienic practices. 

This sad situation is a complete disregard of basic human rights, and we request you to help restore the dignity and confidence of these young girls across Africa. 

A Piece Of Old Cloth, My first sanitary pad


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