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We provide diverse health services for the children and community members suffering due to poor health environments and lack of basic services. We are committed to improving health for all through improved accessibility and quality of health services.

- Enhancing MCH Service Quality
- Improving Disease Prevention and Management
- Strengthening Health System
- Raising Awareness and Changing Behavior

Improving Disease Prevention and Management

- Basic healthcare education

- Medical check-up

- Nutrition program

- Vaccination and medicine support

- Malaria prevention and treatment

Strengthening Health System

- Support for health facilities

- Health information management system (m-Health)

- Community Health worker training and support

Enhancing MCH Service Quality

- Pre and post natal care

- Support for facility-based delivery

Raising Awareness and Changing Behavior

- Organizing and educating community health committees

- Reproductive health education

Our story of Malaria in Niger

Every year, approximately 460,000 children under the age of 5 suffer and die from Malaria. Many people in Hamdallaye, a city in Niger, are among them. Especially during rainy season, there are clumps of standing water where mosquitoes lay their eggs. This leads to a number of people getting diseases and dying. We have started malaria prevention campaigns to prepare to for the rainy season. This includes introducing preventative methods and providing 650 families with insecticides, mosquito nets and malaria diagnostic kits. Also, Good Neighbors in Niger brought medical kits and medicine to local towns and treated children and townspeople suffering from a variety of symptoms.