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Charity Begins at Home

Charity begins at home Australian community support campaignWe are currently still in the midst of social distancing, and most of us are restricted to staying in our home. But though the majority of us are wallowing in boredom, there are those that are not as fortunate. Single parents, socially isolated elderly, refugee groups, and temporary visa

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COVID-19 in the Islands

Combating COVID-19 in Another Part of the WorldCOVID-19—the mere mention of this infamous virus elicits unwarranted responses of unease. With the first reported signs of the coronavirus dating all the way back to November 2019, no one could have guessed that five months later it would have spread across the world and caused absolute mayhem.

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K-pop fandom Aroha donation to those in need

K-pop fandom Aroha supporting the communities in need The bushfires in Australia. The volcanic eruption in Indonesia. And most recently, the worldwide spread of coronavirus. This year has kicked off with a startling amount of devestations, and community support is more crucial than ever. Here at Good Neighbors Australia however, we are fortunate to have been

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Good Neighbour #1: Helen Doung

Interview with Our Good NeighboursGood Neighbour #1 : Helen Doung Welcome to our new segment: Interviews with our Good Neighbours! We will feature stories from our volunteers, donors and staff of Good Neighbors Australia to share the philanthropic spirit and give you a little peek into what goes on behind-the-scenes. This week, our spotlight is