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Community Support - Good Water Project

Children in Sub-saharan Africa countries spend 4 hours to go fetch water every single day.

Your support can give back their 4 hours so that they can dream again.




"Hello. My name is Mamad.

Every morning, I walk for 4 hours to collect water for my family.

I am hoping for a miracle, the day I do not need to go fetch water.

   So I can study and play with my friends."




These children have to give up 4 hours of their lives each day to collect water and miss out classes and time to play. 





Would you spare your 4 hours to give these children 

a chance to dream?

Join us by giving 4 hours of your time for our children 

This is how the ‘community support' changes everything for children: 

*As Good Neighbors Australia currently focuses on the Asia-Pacific countries, your donation will be used for these projects below in this region. 

Water Facility

We can drink
clean water at school.
If water facilities are installed in schools and communities, more people can have access to clean and safe water.

Water Tank

We do not have to spend hours fetching water 
Increasing access to clean water allows children stay in school and dream for their future.


We do not need to miss out classes during the menstruation period.
Clean and safe toilets allow girls to attend school during menstruation without worry.

Sanitation Kit

Washing our hands will keep us healthy more than ever.
The provision of sanitary kits and hygiene education protects children from the dangers of the disease.