At Good Neighbors, we care about the refugees who lose their countries, homes, and livelihood due to political unrest or economic turmoil. Many of our field country offices serve refugees by implementing projects in refugee camps and communities that provide basic necessities as well as give opportunities for self-sustainability.


Natural Disaster Relief

In case of natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunami, flood, typhoon, heavy snowfall etc., we promptly take action to provide early response, in order to minimize the damage. We also actively participate in reconstruction and disaster risk reduction projects

Food Crisis Response

Over the years, East Africa and the Sahel region of West Africa has been experiencing famine due to extreme drought influenced by climate change. We provide food support to children and members of such communities. We share agricultural techniques, implement water facility development projects and more to help these communities overcome their chronic food shortage problem.

Refugee Support

We implement humanitarian relief projects for refugees who are struggling from disputes and civil wars. We also build neutral marketplaces for the co-existence of refugees and host community members and develop training centers in order to create benefits.


Good Neighbors implement emergency relief activities where urgent help is necessary due to disasters and conflicts. After the emergency relief activities we establish a long-term plan for the sustainable development of the local community.


Cluster Approach based Project

Reconstruction based Project

Psychosocial Support