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Economic Empowerment

To break the vicious cycle of poverty

How Your Donation Helps

An educated community is aware of its rights, has the courage to dream of a brighter future and takes steps to become independent and self-reliant. Making people self-reliant is a major cornerstone of our Community Development Projects (CDPs). Lasting changes and improvements happen when people are equipped with the resources to change their own circumstances. 

We use your donations to provide education support, and thereby strengthen the social and economic capabilities of the most vulnerable communities across the globe. 

There are three key areas where your support can help our learning and development initiatives. 


Social Enterprises

We aim to provide an increased availability and a wider reach of schools, libraries, youth centres and vocational training centres, even in the small isolated villages.

An example of this is a remote village in Vietnam called Dong Lai. The village had an acute shortage of educational facilities, and used an old cultural center as a makeshift school. As a result, almost 47% of the children were left without access to any education or learning. Good Neighbors Vietnam solved this problem by constructing a well equipped kindergarten facility, and as a result the ratio of children under the age of six with access to kindergarten and care services went up from 53% to 86%.


Capacity Building & Income Generation

 The quality of education provided is as important as it's accessibility - this includes good infrastructure and essential facilities like toilets, a canteen and a safe yard to play in. We also provide financial support for tuition, scholarships and education material, continuous training and skills to the teaching staff, along with running an Education Rights Awareness programme.

Good Neighbors Mongolia - G Saver Project

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