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The Sitio Bakal region in the Philippines is covered in complete darkness at night, often referred to as the twilight zone. People in this region live in poverty and darkness, with no access to electricity and clean water. Children in this region are left vulnerable and subjected to the constant cycle of poverty. These children must learn how to scavenge waste to find anything of value for their families. As these children grow, their time is not spent in the classroom as it should be, but on the streets trying to survive. 

The early learning centre Good Neighbors has opened is the first step to breaking the vicious cycle of poverty in Sitio Bakal. The centre aims to improve the health and development of young children, the most vulnerable group of this region. 











The Good Neighbors team will be running for the children of the Sitio Bakal region in the 2019 City2Surf. Good Neighbors focus is to raise $5000 for the Sitio Bakal early childhood community facility. Additionally, the funds raised will help educate parents to strengthen their understanding of early childhood development, childcare and other essential practices.

With a more beneficial learning facility provided, this will ultimately improve each child’s learning outcome and experience. This project not only establishes and demonstrates a child’s right to education, but also a child’s right to play. 

Additionally, parents will be provided with knowledge and awareness for early childhood care and development. With the promotion of early childhood development among parents, this will support and strengthen each family unit. This will be achieved through intervention such as providing essential services and social support, ultimately increasing the likelihood of parents to provide nurturing care for their children.  



You can join our Good Neighbors City2Surf team by registering now. Join us in supporting and raising funds for the children of Sitio Bakal.

 Steps to Register

1. Simply select ‘Register Now’ below and you will be redirected to the City2Surf registration page. 

2. Select ‘Individual’ registration and running as part of a team. 

3. Search for ‘Good Neighbors’ and join our team!

4. Complete the additional forms and we will see you there on the day!




Our goal of $5,000 AUD will be spent towards improving the facility and providing early learning activities to children aged three to five. We also plan to encourage the participation of the parents to ensure ongoing and continuous support. Our wish is simply to let these children enjoy their childhood, not labour. 

Help support the children living in the Sitio Bakal region by donating to Good Neighbors. By clicking 'Donate Today' your contirubtion will go directly towards helping those children recieve the education and facilites they deserve. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity and thank you for being a good neighbor for those in need.