Board Member

Board Member

(with oversight of fundraising)

The Role of the Board

The Board is responsible for the governance of the organisation, including:

  • Setting the strategic direction for GNAU
  • Reviewing the performance of the organisation
  • Ensuring the development of the executive management team 
  • Approving the annual project plan
  • Monitoring project performance 
  • Ensuring major risks are identified and managed 
  • Ensuring the organisation complies with all aspects of law
  • Reviewing and approving Board level policies 

All decisions are made collectively by the Board and all directors share equal responsibility for decisions. 

Essential Requirements

  • Commitment to GNAU's vision, mission and values
  • Understand the legal duties and responsibilities of a Board member 
  • General skills and experience in some of: organisational senior leadership, international community development, public relations, marketing, fundraising, communications, advocacy, HR, compliance and/or operations. 

In this specific case, the following key competencies are sought: 

  • Fundraising (community, corporate sponsorship, workplace giving, bequests etc.)
  • A network of contacts (both corporate and individual) who may be potential donors of finance 
  • Gifts in kind and advice 
  • Strong relationships with philanthropic community

Personal Attributes

Vision and Inspiration a role model to the organisation with a unifying, energising and collaborative style.

Integrity – able to fulfil duties and responsibilities, act ethically, exercise appropriate independence and put the organisation’s interests before personal interests.

Collaborative – able to function as an effective team member, have curiosity to ask questions and courage to persist in robust discussion.

Emotional intelligence – as well as self-awareness and self-management and self -evaluation, be able to demonstrate empathy manifested through strong interpersonal skills.

Judgement and instinct able to demonstrate good business instinct and acumen and assimilate and synthesise complex information.

Term of Appointment

2 years with the potential to extend






Board positions are voluntary; however, expenses are covered by the organisation.


Attendance is expected at all board and committee meetings, the annual global conference and other Board activities. The annual general meeting is usually conducted in early December.




Insurance for specific type of directors 

Child Safe

GNAU is a Child Safe organisation and directors are required to read and understand our Child Protection policy, and abide by our Board Code of Conduct. Directors are required to provide authorisation for a National Criminal History check and a banned and disqualified register check. 


Professional Development 

GNAU is committed to good governance and supporting directors to be actively and effectively contributing to the Board. This includes:

  • A visit to an overseas partner within the team of appointment 
  • Regularly undertaking professional development 

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