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 The Gift of Giving 

Update on our COVID-19 Response

We can't believe that half the year has passed already! And wow, what a hectic year we have had so far. From bushfires to COVID-19, this year has certainly reinforced the need for community. As always, thank you for your suppor and donation--we have worked hard to make sure that it helps our vulnerable neighbours in need! 

©️good neighbors

Our most recent campaign was a domestic project that sought to help our marginalised neighbours negatively affected by  COVID-19. The campaign ran from mid-April to the end of May.

Hampers, otherwise known as the 'Care Kits', were delivered to those in need. Each Care Kit was filled with basic necessities, including sanitary products and food.

We cooperated with community organisations as well as volunteers to help distribute the hampers.

Neighbours we helped 

For this project, Good Neighbors Australia helped many groups get past COVID-19. These include but not limited to:

  • Refugees & asylum seekers 
  • Single parents and domestic violence victims
  • Elderly, both alone and with families  
  • Temporary visa holders going through financial hardships 

©️good neighbors

Our Partners 

We are grateful to our partnerships with Daesang, Nongshim, and CJ Foods, as well as Rainbow and Nature, HOME789, and Kago Australia.  With their help, we managed to fill the hampers with toiletries, instant noodles, and more. Learn more >>




Shortly, we are going to launch the second round of campaign on COVID-19 relief aid with the support of the NSW government. Stay tuned! 

We at Good Neighbors Australia wish that you remain healthy and safe from the cold!


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