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Our response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

For around 30 years, Good Neighbors has served its mission to make good changes for the world.

In this time of crisis, there is no exception for our neighbours in Australia. 


About a month ago, Good Neighbors Australia launched a domestic project to support our neighbours in need. This is a summary of what we've done for our neighbourhood. 

We've teamed up a set of corporate partners ranging from food suppliers, health supplement business and freight forwarding company to respond to the needs of our communities.

Our focus remains for those left most vulnerable and forgotten in Australia who are significantly affected by the crisis.

As of 5 May, Good Neighbors Australia has reached out to, but not limited to: 

  • Single parents group based in Dundas Valley and surrounding areas 
  • Refugees & Asylum seekers based in Smithfield and surrounding areas 
  • International students with Vietnamese/Indonesian heritage 
  • Grandparents families 
  • temporary visa holders going through financial hardships


In the following weeks, we will head to domestic violence victims and single mothers in western sydney region. Our work still continues while our items last. We will keep you updated the details via website and social media channels. 


(To ensure the privacy and safety of beneficiariesm, Disclosure of pictures were only made with consents.) 



We are all in this together