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Combating COVID-19 in Another Part of the World

COVID-19—the mere mention of this infamous virus elicits unwarranted responses of unease. With the first reported signs of the coronavirus dating all the way back to November 2019, no one could have guessed that five months later it would have spread across the world and caused absolute mayhem. But although global media appears to be reporting on COVID-19 cases as a whole, little focus has been directed towards smaller nations. Take the Samoan and Fiji islands for example. These are just two of many countries in the Pacific that do not have the adequate health systems in place to combat the novel coronavirus. What’s more, countries such as Haiti, Chad and South Sudan—where Good Neighbors has branches and launches community development projects (CDP) in—as well as many more are cited to be more likely to be exposed to epidemics due to issues arising when accessing healthcare.  


Having adequate access to healthcare is crucial to both treating and preventing the spread of the coronavirus. That’s why all 43 partners of Good Neighbors are dedicated to helping those in need during these condemning times. The Good Neighbors team in Bangladesh have been disinfecting buses, while personal protective equipment was distributed to those in need in South Korea, and all the way down under Good Neighbors Australia is looking for a way to help those who financially affected by Coronavirus outbreak.  


However, it should be noted that this is not the first time poorer countries have struggled in the face of epidemics and pandemics. The measles outbreak in Samoa, and Papua New Guinea saw cases of polio resurface. A huge factor behind least-developed nations frequently encountering health-related concerns is poverty. Communities in these less privileged countries often lack the education and resources, so when an epidemic occurs, they do not have the knowledge nor the capacity to address it.

That’s why on top of assisting with preventative measures specifically tailored to combat COVID-19, Good Neighbors also remains dedicated to the wellbeing of these less-advantaged communities. The Community Development Projects (CDPs) are part of Good Neighbors’ ongoing commitment to eliminating poverty and increasing education, especially for children. These CDPs are part of the Support a Community Program, and this is the heart of Good Neighbors' efforts in making the world a better place. Good Neighbors partners have more than 210 Community Development Projects (CDP) across 43 countries, as a base of program implementation. Good Neighbors' CDP-based approach contributes to broader service delivery by addressing the community's needs and covers: Water & Sanitation, Education, Health & Medical, Income Generation and Emergency Relief.

Stay healthy--we'll all get through this! 

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