Donation Australia

Donation Australia

Good Neighbors have shown the world that they are making significant contributions to the welfare of children in Africa by way of its many socially relevant endeavors. With any Donation Australia Citizens make we help to benefit less fortunate countries.

Good Neighbors have conducted various capacity development programs and awareness campaigns in order to lead behavior change of children, community members and policy makers. Furthermore, we pursue institutional and political change through networking with civil societies, and suggesting policy changes. Good Neighbors’ advocacy programs help children and community members understand their rights and influence policy decision making as well as a government accountable.

Capacity Development Program

– Child rights education for government officials, community members, parents, and teachers – Child rights forum and workshops for Children – Child rights education contents development

Awareness Campaign

– Performing a puppet show for public awareness on child rights – Campaigning for improvement of national policy framework on child. – Campaigning for GBV prevention and women’s rights

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