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Writing for Australian Charity Organisation

In the internet age we are expected to blog. People expect regular updates on the groups they are involved with. And blogging is about the most cost effective means of providing these updates. Literally, we can provide information in little more than the time it takes to write it. There is no waiting for the material to be printed and delivered. We simply write and post online, and the information is available.

But what do we write? Some suggestions:

A human face on the charity.

Feature real people who benefit from the charity work being done. Photos can communicate a lot here.

Behind the scenes.

The people who work for the charity will interest a lot of your audience. It gives a sense of involvement to the supporters, and boosts morale for those who are actively involved. Videos and interviews can be good here.

Educate about the process.

Show the audience the importance of you work, and show what is involved. Turning money into food that is delivered to the other side of the world, arranging education in a foreign language – these are not simple tasks.

Show what other can do

There are people who are aware of the problems and who want to know how to help. Others may want to help if they start to understand the extent of the problem.

Encourage networking and conversation

Using interested people to reach like-minded people is an old method, but it has become more powerful in the internet age. Encourage others to reach friends and colleagues.

Promote achievements

If you have achieve a goal, if a certain number of children have graduated from school, then let the public know. Nothing encourages like progress.

Child sponsorship Australia

It’s in everybody’s interests to put a human face on an Australian charity organisation. It show that the charity is about helping people. It encourages generosity as potential supporters can see the person, or type of person, that they help. And it benefits those giving, because they understand they are reaching real people.

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