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Tax Deductible Donation Australia

This topic: tax deductible donation Australia is a topic that you need to research before donating to any organisation.

Choosing a charity to donate to

If you decide to support one charity instead of another it is usually based on your interest in the “cause” the charity aims to support. You may also pick a charity as a way not to forget a relative or friend who passed away. Anyway, any kind of motivation is okay, but, it’s significant to ensure that you are comfy with the charity’s goals and activities plus make sure you know the organisation’s plans on how to  use the donations it receives. 

A direct donation to a charity that’s based overseas is a bit risky or really risky as it may be hard to verify the info found on digital sites or social media sites. You may prefer to donate to an Australian charity, like Good Neighbors, that supports the cause or project you’re interested in. Many charities operate overseas but are based in Australia.

Details to check prior to donating

Check legitimacy of the charity

If case the name of the charity is unfamiliar, get for more info. For ex., ask these questions:

Where is the charity based?

What cause do you support?

Are you affiliated with any other charities or organisations?

What are donations used for?

Are donations tax deductible?

This topic: tax deductible donation Australia is one that you must research about before donating to any organisation.

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