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Good Neighbours and Good Life

Good neighbours

Great spiritual teachers and secular philosophers have often discussed what it is to live a good life. There are some variations in the suggested answers, but honesty and good relations with others is almost always supported. Isolation and self-centeredness are almost always seen as detrimental.

Most of us in western society have the opportunity to live reasonably comfortable lives, and interact with others. This may come at the expense of a connection to the natural world, living in a city will tend to have that effect upon us. But for the most part we are comfortable. And we are in a position to help others who are not so fortunate.

Giving to others is part of a health attitude to life. This is an old idea, but it remains valid. If we are to have any understanding of ourselves then we must see our place amid other people. We must see how our own background has shaped us, and understand that other people with a different background are deeply affected by their situation. So much that we take for granted about ourselves can be understood when we see those things lacking in others. We might see ourselves in their place, and understand our own situation a little better.

Child sponsorship Australia

Giving to others means providing the opportunies they need to develop into active, well-adjusted individual human beings. Child sponsorship is one of the best ways to achieve this goal. It helps both an individual child and the social situation they live in. the fact that it is an individual means there is an appreciative human face on the charity. This is more than a statistic. This is a person who is happy now that they are being fed each and can attend school.

Good neighbours Australia

Good neighbours is a charity that helps individuals and their communities through child sponsorship.

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