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Donation Australia

Donation Australia

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Of course all charities need donations. Without this financial support there is no way to help those in need, to achieve our charity mission. We need donations Australia wide to help others in third world countries.

So fundraising is part of any charity’s job description. The effective use and distribution of these funds is the next step. So what are the best ways to raise funds, or just awareness of your cause?

Customer Relations Management Data

This is a large task, but keep data on those who help you cause. It pays to know any relevant information about the community and prospective donors.

  • Keep donor profiles. Remove duplicate profiles, and keep things streamline and accurate.
  • Categorize donor lists. Young adults and pensioners would attend different events. Repeat donors will also be treated differently to one time donors. Female donors will attend some events, males may attend others.
    Different groups respond to different media.
  • Customize and personalize requests. Letters and emails should be addressed by name.

 Engage on various social media.

  • Look at which platforms your supports use, and reach them on these channels.
  • Network. Individuals on social media connect to other likewise minded people. These are potential supporters.
  • Look at metrics. How many engagements (likes, shares, responses) do you get for an impression? Find what engages people.
  • Conversions – Look at how many people click through, and how many donate. Do you get more click through donations from one media over another?
  • Images work well on most, but not all, platforms.

Tell stories

Many people will respond to a story, more so that facts, figures or statistics. In some cases the statistics seem to backfire, even if they are presented with the story.

Make people the front and centre of you story appeal.

Make sure your logo and identity, the charity brand and personality, and always present and consistent.

Acknowledge the process and donor response.

  • Personalize thanks you messages.
  • Report achievements
  • When a campaign thank those who contributed. Their $100 donation helps achieve your $50 000 goal.
  • When requesting funds acknowledge past gifts and achievements.

Child Sponsorship Australia

Child sponsorship remains a popular means of helping others because it shows how an individual person is progressing.

Tax deductible donation Australia

Child sponsorship and other contributions are usually tax deductable.  

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