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Australian charity organisations have different methods to help promote their cause. Unlike some advertising that can resort to tricks the methods used to promote charity causes will rely on a fairly honest appeal to human empathy and a fairly accurate depiction of the people in need.

Connecting with people is part of human nature. We strongly tend to connect more with individuals than we do with ideas or statistics. Charities that understand this will make their appeals based on the story of an individual in need rather than detached information about poverty and the countries or regions being afflicted. The story and image of a starving child will be a more effective appeal for help than statistics about starving people. This remains true even when the statistics are starving individual are presented together; the statistic seem to drag it down. Statistics means there were fewer donations.

Of course the suffering child is real. There is no dishonesty here. Rather, the suffering individual is one of many. This suffering individual is an example, and there is a painfully large crowd of others suffering in a similar way.

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Sponsoring an individual child through an Australian Charity is a more effective way of appealing to people than general donations. An individual child appeals to the empathy of the donating public. And the feedback received by the donators, seeing that the child is being fed and educated, lets them see that their efforts are going some legitimate good.

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Child sponsorship is about individuals being helped by other individuals.

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