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Non-profit organizations are different to other business enterprises. We are in this for the sake of others, not for personal gain. This still requires teamwork, perhaps more so than in other enterprises. A possible advantage is that team members are less inclined to complete between themselves.

But some points we have noticed or developed over the years.

  • Non-profit organizations cannot provide the type of incentives that other companies do to retain employees; there are no luxury benefits for staff. But we can give them a sense of purpose and ownership in the company.
  • Leadership is always vital. Resources and talented individuals are wasted without effective decisions and organization.
  • Coaching is better than ‘being the boss’. It’s about getting individuals to their potential, not fitting them to a template. Ask what value does each individual being to the team.
  • Look at what the people you already have can achieve. Don’t try to fil the shoes of the people you no longer have.
  • Staff like to get united behind a purpose. This maximizes purpose far more than just filling a duty.
  • Transformation is better than transaction. This means turning individuals and teams into something effective; achieving goals and heling others rather than simply being part of a bureaucracy.
  • Personality triumphs. A sense of humour and enthusiasm are better in a leader than a faceless, remote image.

Child Sponsorship Australia

An individual can make a difference by sponsoring a child. Of course this is only possible because of the large network of administration that organizes and distributes the aid to so many sponsored children.

Sponsorship is adding your contribution to a team effort, but also reaching an individual child.

Good Neighbours Australia

As our name suggests good neighbours is about cooperating individuals, and reaching to others in need.

Be part of the bigger picture in this world, and help those in developing countries.

Child Sponsorship
Team Work – Child Sponsorship Australia
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