Odd things that Prove Important.

We can be guilty of taking many modern conveniences for granted, not realizing that individuals in undeveloped /developing countries may not have running water, or even clean water at their disposal. Nor may that have the ability to store food or see a doctor if they are ill. In our country we are used to these services.

By contrast there can be problems in developing countries that are particular for their situation, things we do not think of because we have never found them necessary. But those charity workers who have visited these countries see the need and look for ways to help.

Mosquito Nets and Malaria

We mostly don’t bother with mosquito nets over beds in Australia. But in countries where houses are not enclosed and mosquitoes carry malaria and other diseases a mosquito net is the difference between healthy living and a life threatening disease.

Literally, mosquito nets save lives. Malaria is one of the world’s biggest killers.

Women’s hygiene products

Teenage girls miss out on education when they have to stay home. And if they don’t have basic sanitary products that miss out every month.


Without lights the household largely comes to a stop at night. A solar powered light makes all the difference. A child needs a light to study for school.

Iron fish and iodine

Many third world counties have a diet lacking in one or more essential nutrients. Continually supplying these on a regular basis is a costly endeavour, even as only small amounts are needed.

An iron fish is a solid iron product that is placed with food as it cooks.  It supplies the small but vital amount of iron needed in the diet.

Iodine can be administered with a small life saving dot sticker worn on the head (a little bit like a nicotine patch).

Water crisis and Water collection containers

Many inhabitants of third world countries must walk miles to collect useable water. Ideas for easier ways to transport water are always welcome. One water aid solution was a barrel that rolls along the ground, rather like the drum roller used to flatten gardens. 

Child sponsorship Australia

Child sponsorship does more than keep someone alive in the short term. The education and social improvements provided by sponsorship help the sponsored individual to become independent yet social cooperative individuals for the future.

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