Getting Grants

We know there are many worthwhile charity causes and many a worthy Australian charity organisation. Some of these receive government grants, other probably deserve grants but struggle along without help. So why do some worthy charities miss out?

The successful fund raisers, grant seekers and generally effective charities know a few things that less successful charity organizations don’t. There are a few salient points for landing a grant or donation Australia wide.

Know your stats

Being able to show success and improvement with solid numbers, being able to say that 10 wells were completed and 50 more children graduated from school each semester, is the type of information that shows your charities success. It also shows that you are involved. 

People like to back successful enterprises, including effective Charites. 

Know about specific goals and the bigger picture.

Plans, goals, strategies to get there, and the budget considerations are all important. This is the type of information that the people with the grant money are interested in. What is the money going towards? They want to see that you are putting things to the best possible use. 

Sufficient infrastructure in your organization

The infrastructure, the staff, the training facilities, and the way you reach the people you help – this shows that you are capable of achieving something. Good intentions are fine, but running and organization that achieves fulfils those intentions and has the potential to take it all further – that impresses people. 

The Right Grant Supporters

Some support programmes look after a certain geographic area. Others support certain types of charity or certain education programmes. Look for sponsors and grants that are appropriate for your particular charity.

Good neighbours helps build individuals and communities. 

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