Myths of Child Sponsorship

Sponsorship is Expensive

Sponsorship works out to be no more than a few dollars a day. This is about the price of a cup of coffee, or bottled water.

Sponsorship totally changes a child’s life, even after the child has grown and sponsorship has ended. The small cost to us is a great benefit to the child.

Money does not reach the community.

Money is used to benefit both individual and their community, providing everything from clean water to solid education. 

Furthermore, the money received through individual donations makes it possible to secure further money through government grants and help from the United Nations. So there is more money reaching the community beyond the help you provide.

Sponsorship is religious based, so it pushed religion

The children being sponsored comes from various different religions. Charity is about heling as many individuals as possible. Many of the donators and institutions do have a religious background, but the individuals being sponsored make their own choices when it comes to personal beliefs. 

Giving will be a personal compromise

We become better people, and achieve a more accurate view of the world, when we reach out to others. Some would say this is old wisdom, others would say it is paradoxical. But the experience of helping others will have a positive benefit to those who choose to help. 

If I have cancel my sponsorship then the child will be deprived.

We make sure that the child will be put under the next available sponsor. 

Any assistance you provide will be of some help to a child or their community.

We should help locals before we help others

There are certainly some locals who need help. But there are many more in poverty stricken countries who need help at the most basic level. If we start helping when they are children they can be self-sufficient when they are older. 

Child Sponsorship Australia

Sponsorship changes individuals and communities. The education, food, water and resources that we take for granted can be bought to other parts of the world we live in. 

Three Smile Girls-Child Sponsorship Australia
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