Business Benefiting Charities

Businesses are part of the community and society at large. Many businesses like to give back to the community, or at least work with others for some mutual benefit. Despite the comic book and Hollywood clique not all businesses are at the hands of greedy moneymaking tycoons. 

Business entrepreneurs may be inclined to give back to the community, and donate to charity. There are reward for doing this. 

Tax Deductions:

An Australian charity organisation is often a tax deductable recipient of donations, though the particular charity must be registered. Sponsorship and cash donations allow many businesses a tax deduction. The tax rules here can be confusing, perhaps best handled with an accountant’s advice.


Sponsorship of a charity will look good for any business. This can include sending representatives to charity events, hosting fundraisers. But it can be as simple and effective as regular ongoing donations with acknowledgement on the charities website.


Connecting with others is a vital part of any business practice. Involvement with charities helps businesses connect to other businesses and other people. 

Respect and Morale

People resect those who support the community. This includes a company’s own employees. Employee morale is boosted when they see that their company values fairness and isn’t just about business profits. 

Good Neighbours

Good neighbours is an Australian charity organization that both helps to build communities and to sponsor individual children. We appreciate support from businesses and the community at large.

Business Benefiting Charities

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