The Individual Child

Child Sponsorship Australia

Child sponsorship helps many individuals. But it is part of a bigger picture. The communities that these sponsored children live in are also being developed. Helping individuals and building communities through water aid, education, and access to health resources, are two closely entwined endeavours.

Hopefully children get emotional support from their family and the community they live in. They can also, according to actual accounts, feel emotional support by their sponsors. There is more involved than just financial aid. Corresponding with a child by letter can make all the difference to their lives. 

Unfortunately there can be problems when giving to children. All children appreciate the sponsorship, letter and gifts. But the sponsored child who watches others receive gifts while they receive little of nothing will feel deprived. This is a hard situation to watch or deal with. 

Some charities discourage gifts for this reason. Gifts favour some children at the expense of many others. It may be better if all the children receive similar education and support, with a few encouraging letters from sponsors. 

In some situations any money beyond the regular sponsorship is used for the child’s community rather than the individual. This provides help for as many people as possible. 

Australian Charity Organisation

Good Neighbors Australia believes in helping communities to become self–sustaining. We help to build infrastructure, with access to water and accommodation, and we fund education for individuals who will help to further build the community in the future. 

Individual sponsorship is part of the plan to change communities. 

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