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Water is the most fundamental of needs. In the modern world we read a lot about filtered water and drinking enough for optimal health. But as most of us are aware many undeveloped counties have trouble accessing water that is clean enough to drink. About 10% of the world’s population is estimated to be without access to decent water.


Donation Australia

Part of Good Neighbours Australia operation is to build communities. This includes access to essential elements of daily life like water. All individuals require these services, and without them all other help is futile.

We help to build sustainable water supplies for communities, and provide education on sanitation and hygiene.


 Child sponsorship Australia

No child exists in isolation. Being part of a community is an essential part of being alive. By building a community, with access to water and basic sanitation, we create the background needed for a child and their family to develop. Education makes this situation sustainable for future generations who can become self-reliant.


Clean Water_ Donation Australia

June 29, 2013-Ladagada Community, Silgadhi, Doti Province, Nepal: Well in Ladagada Community, Photo Credit: Kibae Park/Communication Advisor-CECI



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