Australian Charity Organisation

Australian Charity Organisation

Charity is reaching beyond ourselves. Of course this helps people in need. It also helps the person who gives. We can suffer malaise because we have a limited view of the world, a limited view of our life, or because we are actually self-absorbed. Giving to others helps us get beyond our own limited perspective. This may not solve all our worries and mental unrest, but it may make significant difference. This is more than feeling good about oneself for giving. This is seeing and being part of a broader picture of the world.


Good Neighbours Australia

Christmas is approaching. This is the time were we are reminded about goodwill to all. But ironically this can make the deprived and poverty stricken feel worse than usual; people expect more at Christmas, and feel disappointed when it’s just another lonely, hungry day.

Charity is about getting people out of their harsh conditions, and getting them a life that is worth living.


Child Sponsorship Australia

Sponsoring an individual shows how real charity is. An individual is not a statistic. Sponsorship is about helping a real person, keeping them healthy for today, and educating them for the future so the present poverty does not have to continue.

The help of one individual is made all the greater by the network of help offered by charity organizations. Individual sponsors change the lives of those individual children. Collectively we can change whole communities.

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