Child Sponsorship Australia

Things to ask with Child Sponsorship

Are religious beliefs part of the sponsorship of the charities mission statement?

This is not necessarily a bad thing either way. Many religiously minded people are very much involved I charity and helping those in need. The again, does this affect the people they reach out to.

Good neighbours reaches out to whoever is in need, regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, race, ideology or political situation. Charity is about people and being them the help they need.

It this just a quick fix, with no long term benefits?

Part of the point of child sponsorship is to educate the still growing children so they can co-create a better and more sustainable future. Sponsorship is an investment in growing individuals.

Is this about Individuals or Communities?

It is about both individuals and communities. Nobody can really live in isolation, and all communities are made up of individuals. We endeavour to help improve both by co-operating with the people in the community, finding their needs and helping them develop in the manner that best suits their situation.

In individual is part of a community. Sometime it is not enough to change just one part. At other times the process of changing one individual will start to bring about further changes in other around them. But most would agree that community wide changes are best, and that changing individuals is part of this. 

Child sponsorship changes lives and communities. Help us help those in need.


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