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Indonesia Earthquake Emergency Relief Response

On 28th of September 2018, strong earthquake struck Sulawesi island, Indonesia. This time, it was a 7.5 magnitude earthquake which is worse than the previous earthquake in August, 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Tsunami also hit Indonesia after the earthquake which increased the damage.

As aftermaths of the earthquake and ensuing tsunami, most of the houses and buildings are destroyed and bridges are destructed. Most of the affected regions are now experiencing blackout due to the destruction of substation. According to the Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management, they are still investigating on figuring out the extent of the damage, but it is expected so far that there are at least 832 casualties and 540 injured (Sep,2018).

Good Neighbor decided to support the victims of the disaster with USD $100.000. The emergency relief station is launched in the affected location and investigators are dispatched to examine the situation. We are working closely with the Indonesian government to figure out what is mostly needed for the local community and we are preparing to send emergency food supplies, tents and mattresses. We are also planning to provide mobile meal services and dispatch specialists.

Many people in the affected regions are having a hard time physically and mentally. It is with your support than we can provide them the emergency relief. Please share your heart to the people suffering from natural disaster.