Through your support,  we can give our children back their 4 hours so that they can dream again




Good Neighbors Australia is an international humanitarian and development organisation.  We are a part of Good Neighbors International Partnership which has been known for 30 years of commitment to children and the most vulnerable across the globe.

In 2018, Good Neighbors Australia started its first step in Sydney toward a world in which every child grows in a safe and healthy environment. 

Our Global Impact 

Together we’ve impacted the lives of over 200 million vulnerable neighbours by tackling the root causes of poverty. Learn about the global impact of Good Neighbors’ work  (*Facts and figures based on 2019 data) 




Partner Countries 

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Community Members

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we support children 

When you sponsor a child, you can change a child’s entire life. Check out a story shows what happens when you help a child in need.

we support communities

We believe the power of communities.  As a community supporter, you will make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable families. 

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Make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged families 



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About our hamper charity campaigns with Multicultural NSW

About our hamper charity campaigns with Multicultural NSWWe’re already in April, and here at Good Neighbors Australia we could not be more excited to show you what we’ve done in the meantime!…for both the international and domestic community, that is. Last year in 2020, a large majority of our focus was on the Australian community

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What is health like around the world?

What is health like around the world?With a global population of almost 8 billion people now, healthcare is more important than ever.From the swine flu outbreak in 2009 to the Ebola outbreak – which is still ongoing in several African countries such as in Guinea – to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the past decade alone

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Welcoming 30 years of Good Neighbors

Welcoming 30 years of Good NeighborsMarch 28th marked the 30th anniversary of Good Neighbors – and what a journey it’s been.Good Neighbors first started in 1991 in South Korea, with one goal in mind: to make a world where people live together in harmony and without hunger. Read on to find out more about us

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Why We Need Water - a Good Neighbors Australia perspective

Why We Need Water – a Good Neighbors Australia perspectiveThere are three things that we cannot live without: food, rest and water.Water has always been considered to be crucial to any living being’s survival, but it wasn’t until the middle of 2010 when the United Nations officially recognised clean drinking water and sanitation as a